Hard Choices/First You Have to Will It

Hard Choices:  Equivalencies (10=10)

Devon Balwit

Today, Senators in Washington claimed

                                    that burning forests releases no carbon,

their own gassiness offset by nothing.

                                    That the earth is staggering beneath us

should be obvious to any witness.

                                    Only Death’s profiteers could deny it.

Record high temperatures, record rains—

                                    snowdrifts deep enough for history books,

yet we proceed, business as usual. 

                                    What will it take to make us change our ways,

to forego ease that small creatures might live?

                                    Surely we could adapt to our losses,

treat them as larks, a return to our roots.

                                    In World War II, we boasted about lack,

privation a sign we were fighting hard—

                                    recycling, planting victory gardens.

Why have we grown so soft, so unwilling?

                                    Trump boasts about contributing nothing,

his shirking reconfigured as flashy, bold.

                                    More impressive are those who make Stone Soup,

whole communities fed by sharing scraps.

                                    Let me stand with those who pour themselves out,

with those who sneak migrants across borders.

                                    Heroes take bullets for justice.  Could I? 



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