I'm Confused


By J. Sam Williams


I’m confused as to what it means to be American anymore. I was happy to support Obama and most of his policies, and I was happy to support the person George W. Bush, though not his policies. I can neither support the man Donald Trump, or his policies. Yet, supporting the executive office—or any government branch—is necessary step for all Americans. If we do not support our government our government will fail us.

So how can I, and all Americans who detest the actions of our President, support his office? We can’t, we can’t afford to support his office, but we can support the office. My honest belief is that to stop the racist rhetoric, and suppression of scientific information, and whining about media coverage—the list could go on for a while—we have to continue to protest, to write letters and call senators and representatives, and to do everything in our power to remove Trump from power. If there is a legitimate reason to impeach him, let’s do it.

If there isn’t a legitimate reason to impeach Trump—meaning the emolument clause argument doesn’t fit, and Trump is found innocent of raping a girl when she was 13, etc.—then we need to band together. We have to continue to protest, to call and write our congressmen and women, and we need to vote—not just in the presidential election four years from now, but in the midterm election.

Voting for a Democratic House and Senate is exceptionally important to controlling Trump’s ability to deregulate emissions—adding to an increasingly dangerous climate for the world—his ability to ban Muslim refugees from entering the States, and his ability to defund Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS. Granted, that’s two years away, but it’s better than a full term of Republican controlled executive and legislative branch.

Voting for a Democratic House and Senate could also have larger implications for years to come. If the Dems do well in 2018 and 2020—as noted early by immix writer Bob Shire—it could pave the way for Dems to redraw congressional districts—as the Republicans did in 2010—making it easier for Dems to hold the House in the coming decade.

These are things we can control. We can vote. We can protest. We can communicate with our elective officials. We can volunteer too, and donate to organizations like Planned Parenthood and PBS.

But we need Trump to change now, or we need him gone. The White House lying to it’s people on petty things like the size of inauguration crowds, or issuing gag orders on the EPA and National Park Services is a sign of Government manipulation. Presenting “alternative facts”—a.k.a. lies—to the people as if they are real facts is what dictatorships do—not democracies. This needs to change now, before we allow it to divide our nation. My fear is that we’ll divide into three groups—those who believe Trump is telling the truth because they’ll believe anything Trump says; those who believe Trump is lying because they refuse to believe anything Trump says; and those who say “you can’t really know anything.” And soon lies about climate change, about immigrants, about Muslims, about voter registration have morphed our country into a Jim Crow era, mixed with the days where rivers caught on fire.

So while I’m sure the citizens of the United States will do everything in our power to stop Trump over the next two elections—and barring some devastating voting rights legislature I thoroughly expect Trump to be a one-term president—I’m confused as to why our Government has allowed Trump to take the office with serious—circumstantial, but serious—claims about his ties to Russia. Unlike Trump’s claims about voter fraud or Obama’s birth place, there is actually evidence to at least postpone Trump’s inauguration until a thorough investigation into Russia’s activity in this past presidential election and it’s ties to Trump is complete.

I’m confused as to how our government can allow the election results to stand when it is a known fact that Russia interfered with it. Russia interfered with our election. Why are we brushing past that? If it had come through that China had interfered with the 2008 or 2012 elections, would not the public be demanding something be done?

I’m not calling for Obama to stay in the Oval office, or for Biden to run things until an investigation is complete. Role in Pence and the new administration, but let’s at least act like foreign country in someway undermined the American election. Whether it’s true or not that Trump had prostitutes pee on a bed because the Obama’s slept there is almost inconsequential—other than providing more evidence as to why he doesn’t have the character to be President—but Russia having potential manipulative power over Trump, and having hacked the Democrats should be grounds for more action. How can we allow a President to reign without a fight.

This is what confuses me. Our government—the people we voted for—seem uninterested in finding out what happened between Russian and Trump. Though there are a few who want to know. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham was tracked down by Mother Jones discussing his call for a special investigation into the FBI’s collected material on Trump and Russia communication.

Graham, a member of the Senate judiciary committee, said that he didn't know anything about the intelligence intercepts. He remarked, "I want to learn and investigate all things Russian, wherever it leads." He noted that it was clear that Vladimir Putin's regime had "tried to undermine our election" and "succeeded in creating discontent and discord." He added, "I want to know what they did and who they did it with." He went on: "I want to see all of it...I want to know what Russia did...If there is campaign contacts, I want to know about it."

It's seems pretty American to me to fight against Russia and it’s oppressive regime. Yet, most of the GOP remains silent on this issue or possible collusion between The Kremlin and Trump. In fact, I can’t imagine Trump would have won in 1980 if he’d spouted how highly he thought of the Soviet government. It all seems so anti-American.

What is being American? We’re a land of immigrants who now hate immigrants. We’re built on violent protests (i.e. Boston Tea Party) but hate violent protests. We’re built on innovation of energy yet refuse to move towards the future of energy use. We’re anti-Russia, with a pro-Russia President. And we’ve elected officials who refuse to protect our executive branch.

I hope all the senators and representatives who stood by Trump and remained silent while the news of Russia’s involvement broke out are never reelected to office. Looking at you Paul Ryan (McCain you can stay, you actually got involved). It’s egregious that a foreign government helped to elect a president and they all shut their mouths because of party loyalty. Country loyalty should matter more. It’s American to support America.

But maybe I’m wrong, because all evidence is pointing that in fact it’s American to ignore facts. Ignore science. Ignore the people’s voice (popular vote). And present them with “alternative facts.”

This quote has been circulating around the internet and I’ll end this piece like this: “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” It’s from George Orwell’s 1984. But many have neglected the end of the quote. “His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right.”

To me the “he” is now the American People. The party isn’t so much Republican’s as it is Trump’s team. The ask us to refuse to listen to our reason and to listen to their alternative facts. This is as anti-American as it gets. Our founding father George Washington could never tell a lie, and now we have an administration that’s full of them.

I’m so confused as to how we could allow this to happen.