An Open Letter to Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion

Dear Mallory and Jason,

Can I call you by your first names? I feel like I already know you both. With all the countless episodes on Binge Mode you've graciously given to us, I've practically sat in your living room and had tea with you, with the added bonus of listening to a wonderful breakdown of GoT.

Please, if you will, allow me two things: 1) To geek out a little and pay homage to you both, and 2) ask you something.

I'm writing, because a recent life goal has sprung into my existence. A metaphorical piece of paper has fallen into my metaphorical bucket filled with desires. So among the other bits of paper that read "See Blue Macaws (my patronus) in their natural habitat" and "get my PhD in transmedia and adaptation narrative theory," is now "Do a Podcast with Mallory and Jason, discussing the Wizarding World of Mr. Harry James Potter."

Binge Mode is my favorite podcast of all time. It's smart, fun, and informative. What the two of you have accomplished is remarkable. Not only have you broken down an expansive fantasy world, and made the subject material understandable, you've made it feel as if we're all sitting down for coffee, or breakfast. You accomplished what Tony Kornheiser on his Pod, and (your boss) Bill Simmons on his pod, have. But you've done it with fantasy, not real life news. I find that amazing.

As we're on a possible 16 month break for Game of Thrones Binge Mode episodes, I'm very much hoping Harry Potter is next topic for the BM Podcast. Possibly it already is. You've both mentioned Harry Potter being a beloved story, and conspiracy-Sam believes that Bill Simmons mentioning that HP could be next on his Pod with Mallory was more of a hint than a throw away comment. Either way, I hope to Merlin's saggy left buttocks that HP is next.

(Again, more homage, not that I really have a say in this). While there is a lot of great HP fan fueled content out there, including podcasts like MuggleCast, I think a pod by the two of you would be a much needed and liked addition to all this HP content. The energy, the in-depth breakdowns, the familiarity with the material--I'm pretty sure it'd be a unique pod, with the rare ability to add to a fandom conversations that have been beaten over and over again.

Now, here's the part where I ask for something. Because, as I mentioned, I really want to be a part of it.

My qualifications? I hold my MFA in Creative Writing, studying fiction, specifically YA literature, and film and literature adaptation. My masters thesis included a section on the Harry Potter books to movie adaptation. I'm a life-long reader/watcher/fan. And I've conducted and been a guest in podcasts.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll know one thing: I'm a Harry Potter fan.

What can I bring to a podcast? I've done some radio work, and I come from a theater background, so you won't get a dead voice, with no excitement with tons of "uhh...well". Also, I know my Harry Potter. You want to talk about the treatment of House Elves and the parallels to unpaid internships, slavery, servitude, race-based stereotypes, and animal products? Lets do it. Should we discuss if the use of Native American history in regards to Rowling's Magic in America is cultural appropriation? Absolutely! Can we also please talk about whether or not JK Rowling decides what is canonical, or if the collective makes that decision?

Also, can we go book by book and discuss the progression of the major characters? How about the need for a Marauders era story, and how scary it is to have Jude Law play young Dumbledore? Okay great.

What about discussing the longevity and loyalty of Hogwarts houses? Why has that been so important? We could talk about whether or not Cursed Child should really be considered canonical, and dive into the depths of what may come next from Joe Rowling. (Also, can we talk about why Rowling goes by JK instead of Joe, and lobby her to drop the patriarchy induced "K"?)

I've already got my internship application in for this fall. But, even if I'm not chosen to come and help The Ringer , I hope I can come and at least be a guest for the Harry Potter podcasts, whenever they happen. It's what I've studied for my graduate work, and it's probably what I'm most passionate about (outside the life important stuff like family, faith, etc.). Plus, I"ll do it for free. 

I hope you'll consider this request, even if it's just for 15 minutes of an episode. Also, I'll throw in the best gosh-darn key lime pie for Mallory that she's ever tasted.

Cheers, and thanks for reading,

Sam,. M.F.A., Gryffindor