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Interview with Lilia Morse


Sam Williams 

You’ve been a feminist for a long time. Do you still find yourself talking with people who think being a “feminist” is wrong? If so, what do you tell them?

I'm a feminist because I have no reason not to be.  Feminism makes me more understanding of myself and other people.  It encourages me to keep learning about the world and people around me.  Most importantly, it means respecting myself and others.  But people tell me all the time about how wrong it is. And I hear this from men and women, surprising as that maybe. The thing is, feminism is for everyone. It's not exclusive to educated people, or white people, and it's certainly not a ‘women only’ club.  Feminism helps us uncover inequality in every facet of life. Whether it's healthcare, education, everyday purchases in the grocery store, even how we relate to each other. Feminism is the active pursuit of equalizing the sexes. It is not intended to leave anybody out. Feminism is only isolating when you don't try to include yourself in it.


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