Letter from the Editor Mark 3.0

J. Sam Williams


Dear immix community!


Short and sweet since I’m in Spain currently. I wanted to say a couple things about the journal:

·      We had around a 300% increase in submissions

·      We accepted more submissions than ever

·      We’re still a baby journal and your submissions mean we can continue to run so please submit more and more and more! Submissions will be open soon.


I’m particularly fond of this issue with how many strong women voices we got in the submissions. Powerful reactions to our world and the US’s election came in. It was lovely to read them.


Third issue and we’re still strong. Good. Very good. But we need your readership and your submissions!


Lastly, I think it’s time we really think about what it means to be American. Do we vote party lines? Is that loyal to this nation? Do we support the gutting of restrictions put in place to protect us, our children, and the place we live? Do we blindly support leaders who demand persecution based on religion?


There is much to do in the next two-to-four years. We’ve got to ask who we want to serve. Our own interests? What we think is right? Should the military have to carry out illegal orders of torture, or the rounding up of certain individuals?


Let’s all think about what we can do to better ourselves, and therefore, our country. Let’s not focus on what others are doing wrong.