Letter from the Editor Mark 4.0


Dear immix readers,

It’s been a year since we first published. It’s our 4th issue. And we keep getting better. Again, we had more submissions than ever before. We have more random emails from fans. Though we still don’t have many facebook or twitter followers (such a specific first world problem--but for some that care, it matters that we have that sort of traction).  

In this issue you’ll find an interview with a lovely writer, who has started an incredible creative and educational project called the Sevilla Writer’s House. You can read the interview with Lyndsay Hall on the front page. She’s launched something called the Kimberly Project (explanation behind the name in the interview), which aims to help recovering students through writing.

You’ll also find a piece on the Bachelor, and the author’s relationship with that show, a new Editor’s Blog from yours truly, and a plethora of poems. Of course, there is a new political update from our correspondent of the USA, Bob Shire. It’s been great to see all amazing work flow over to us at immix, and a real bummer to turn away some excellent writing as well.

We also have our first published photo! Be sure to check that out. And if you haven’t been to cite before, check out both the new Editor’s Blog (a mishmash of random stuff) and our old pieces from issues past.

I’ll also say it’s been wonderful to see the response from people standing up agains the current administration--whether it’s students at Notre Dame, or those marching in Santa Curz. Seeing people of this nation rise up against hatred has been amazing.

I’ll also say, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the families, and people of Manchester, in the UK--and also with Miss Ariana Grande--who must be going through her own emotional ordeal. The act of terrorism was horrendous, especially with all the little children around. A night of love, and dance, and laughter was filled with death, and terror. I can only imagine what that would be like, and my heart bleeds for everyone involved.  

Let’s keep the world uplifted, and keep the world safe.  

With Love,


J. Sam Williams