Basket of Deplorables

Leslie Linder


A hero rose up in the land

to take hatemongers by the hand

and justify our tendencies

to demonize our enemies.

What sweet relief! You’re not alone

in thinking liberals tap your phone

or that we need a giant wall.

Those Mexicans are rapists, y’all.

At last, it’s safe to speak your mind

that immigrants should be confined

in prison camps. It’s back in vogue

to be a bold Islamaphobe.

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Worlds: First and Third


Sneha Subramanian Kanta


“He who sees all beings in his Self and his Self in all beings, he never suffers…”



The earth is the earth,

                            gnarling insects sleep over its softened crust,

the quest for hierarchy has eaten us all alive –

it is felt in the air that we breathe, as great rivers dryly die

rivers that once thrived in ancient groves amid the evergreens

until the decay of humanity seeped, cornering its center

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