Bottled Souls

Lubaba Ali


Bent, curved,

Humped and smashed into the bottle.

Rapid heartbeats,

Short breath, misting up sides of the bottle.

Sweating and suffocating with fear.

Your screaming voice piercing the inside of your brain.

It can never be heard.

It is set on a different tone.

Corrupted minds, setting injustice laws.

Oppressing souls, demoralizing humanity.

Law abiding minds do not mind,

Lie down and sleep tight.

I sit curled in that bottle, blood rushing through my veins.

I can almost taste it in my taped mouth.

My rapid heartbeats, fracturing my ribs,

Bursting this dirty bottle.

I am standing up, rising above this humped body.

Refusing to bend.

Resisting and rebelling.

Challenging my voice to scream and shout “I am here.”

Call it a riot, a protest.

Call me a rebel.

Cage me, chain me.

I won’t settle.

I won’t mute my voice.

I will fight.

I will disobey until they obey to morality.

Lubaba Faisal Ali decided to follow her poetry dream two years ago and started by publishing in her blog
She also has published poems in:
Indiana voice journal, Andariya magazine and an article in the Call of Culture.
She describes herself as a free soul with no boundaries or labels and a seeker for inner peace.