Bring Me Your Votes

Trish Lindsey Jaggers


Beautiful I’m not.

I have thick skin. I must.

They come to me with questions like gravel in a shoe.

And I have no answers. I have all the answers.


My curtains hang like a long skirt behind a woman

as she curves into a question mark around the child

on her hip. Her husband waits for her just outside my booth,

but she still feels his hand on her back where he guided her

and their daughter through the line to me.


I see so many: dark hands, pale hands; the stooped, the straight,

those with morning coffees and slippers; those with lunches; those with dinner

pains; the clean, the hot and tired, the hungry;

the ones who just left the factory, the kitchen, the garage, the school,

the laundry, the fast food joint, the hospital, the ammunition shop.


But now, I see only this daughter, watch her slip her momma’s ballot

through my slot, watch her mother guide her index finger,

help her push my buttons and cast her first vote.


I have her answer,

the one she thinks is right.

And it is

a beautiful thing.

Trish Lindsey Jaggers (Holonym, Finishing Line Press, 2016) earned her MFA from Spalding University and is an assistant professor of English at Western Kentucky University. She want things simple--no impossible-to-connect inferences meant for a limited audience. Her "Crazy-Eights" goal as a poet is to “create simply”—write so an eight-year-old can read it, an eighteen-year-old can understand it, and an eighty-year-old will have lived it.

Trish Lindsey Jaggers also has a recording of "Bring Me Your Votes" on Sound Cloud. Just follow this link: