Mi Pequeño Paraíso/My Little Paradise


Eva Mejia-Shantharam

No tendremos oro o plata, y no tendremos modas para
lucir al mundo, y no somos los creadores de carros de
primera clase, pero tenemos amor.

Tenemos mucho amor, amor para la humanidad, amor
para nuestras familias, amor para nuestros hijos, amor
a la naturaleza, y amor para nuestra cultura.

No tenemos lo que los primeros mundos dicen que
debemos tener, que tenemos que tener una economía
capitalista y fuerte. Eso que tenemos llega a un lugar
más profundo que la politica, al fin es lo que nosotros
pensamos que es la verdadera felicidad.

Nosotros tenemos calor humano y vitalidad. Tenemos
calor del sol, de la gente hablando, cantando, y
bailando, de los niños jugando fútbol en las calles sin

Nuestro sistema de moneda es la amabilidad, nuestro
ganancia es ver el amor que hemos invertido ser
multiplicado en miles de sonrisas en nuestros hermanos
y hermanos. Por eso vivimos.

Nosotros en nuestro pequeño paraíso nos gusta invertir
en lo que llamamos “la economía humana” cual es la
verdadera construcción de lo que la economía deberia

Nosotros tenemos orgullo de ser primero amables antes
de juzcar a otros, primero ser humildes antes de hablar
de nuestros exitos, y hacer que todos los que nos
visiten sentirse en casa.

Es donde la esencia de la vida se siente, en mi pequeño

English Translation: 

My Little Paradise

We don’t have gold or silver, we may not have world
class fashion, and be the makers of world class cars, but
we have love.

We have love, love for humanity, love for our family,
love for our children, love for nature, and love for our

We don’t have what first world countries tell us we
must have, which is a strong capitalistic economy, but
that strikes somewhere deeper than politics, it comes
down to what a country considers true happiness.

We have human warmth and vitality. We have warmth
of the sun, of the people talking, singing and dancing, of
the children playing soccer on the streets with bare

We have the currency of kindness, our profit is to see
that our love that we have invested multiplies by a
thousand when we see our brothers and sisters smile.
And that is what we live for.

We in our small paradise like to invest in what we call
the “human economy” which is the true construction of
what an economy should be.

We pride ourselves in first being kind before we judge
others, in first being humble before we talk about our
successes and making everyone that visits us feel at

It is where the essence of life is felt, in my little

Eva Mejia-Shantharam

Eva Mejia-Shantharam

Eva Mejia-Shantharam is an American writer. Eva writes from the perspective of being the "other" American. Raised by immigrant parents, but fully experiencing the American culture in San Francisco, she is able to see multiple views through a different lens.


She holds a BA in Psychology from San Francisco State University and an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her poetry has appeared in Cipactli No.16 that is run by San Francisco's poet laurate Alejandro Murguia. She has written various blog posts for the literary magazine Lunch Ticket and was an assistant editor in the Writing for Young People category. Last year she was picked to read for San Francisco's famous literary festival Litquake under the MFA Mixer 2.0 run by Sean Labrador y Manzano, Nick Johnson, and Jeff Von Ward.  


At the moment she is finishing up her YA sci-fi novel, writing more poetry, and working on a nonfiction piece about jazz, mangoes, and her grandfather.