Fight Like Hell

Kenneth P. Gurney

The Christ returned 

as a pissed off Rust-belt factory worker

ninety-nine weeks after a pink slip.


Paul did not become a second time apostle

but bought the Christ a beer or three

to wash down the loss of unemployment checks

and provider-manhood-cred.


For the few that recognized him

through his hispanic face

the Christ posed for group selfies

and in the process laid on hands

to instill Marvel superhero traits under blue collars.


Paul did not spot the halo

or feel the presence of the divine,

but paid the Christ 

the state proposed minimum wage

to do odd jobs around Paul’s house

like everyone else in the neighborhood

just to help out as he could.


The Christ did not vote for Hillary.

Did not vote for Trump.

Did not complete his civic duty.

Although he came to judge,

the Christ was not nominated 

for the Supreme court.


Paul does not doubt Armageddon is far off—

climate change and rising sea levels

will change everything.

People resistant to change

will fight like Hell to keep what they got

and take what they don’t.

Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM, USA. He edits the poetry blog Watermelon Isotope. His personal website is at