My Hero

Madeline Zilelian

I swim in death upstream—

genetically predisposed

to spawn, to create

life, fill

the stillness.

With me, you struggle

against the current

petitioning to be my mate.

I am open to forever,

but let's take it one day at a time.

Kiss me before you plan our wedding.

Learn my faults before you become blind

to them.

Give me a reason to keep


Madeline Zilelian native New Yorker who is deeply influences by her Armenian Heritage and by the death of her parents. Her writing focuses on love, loss, and adventure. She earned her MFA in Fiction and Poetry from Antioch University of Los Angeles. She is a former pro-snow boarder and blue ribbon equestrian. Her day job as a Real Estate Investor and Futures trader gives her the financial freedom and flexibility to travel and write. She draws inspiration from her travels, especially her adventures in Morocco, China, Australia and Europe. She lives with her finance, Steven, in Staten Island.