Trumped, America’s Hitler

J. Sam Williams

We the People…we let fear win.

We the People let prejudice, white power, white privilege, bullying, assault and abuse, win.

Last night I watched as America voted for Mr. Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States. I hugged my wife as she cried herself to sleep. This morning it seems impossible that Trump won.

Yet he did.  

Mr. Trump ran on a message of anti-elite, and “telling it like it is,” saying that the political spectrum in Washington was broken and needed to be fixed. He also ran on rampant sexism, racism, and xenophobia.

Today, there are a lot of positive messages about moving forward. Lifting our heads high, and this is needed. America can begin to change things in 2018 with the mid-term elections, and we can change the president in 2020 if we want. And right now there are a thousand ways to make the country better on a local and national level.

There are positive messages about respecting our neighbors—a great and honorable call. I can do that. As can we all.  Yet, I cannot bring myself to respect the winner of last night’s election.

Let’s not forget who just got voted into power: a sexist, racist, and xenophobic man. I’ve put together a short list that shows these actions here.

And for all of Trump’s racism, his sexism, his xenophobia, he still won. He won on policy and platforms that are dangerous. He ran on a modernized version of Adolf Hitler’s campaign.

Here are some similarities.

·         Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s ills. Trump blames Muslims and Mexicans

·         Hitler believed in torture. So does Trump

·         One of Hitler’s mantras was to make Germany great again. That’s Trump’s slogan for America.

·         Hitler rounded up Jewish people and gave them special ID forms. Trump has proposed a similar plan for Muslims.

·         Many voters liked Trump because he, “Says it like it is.” According to German citizens this was something that German people liked about Hitler as well.


This is the man America just voted for. He still isn’t president—we have a little less than two months before that happens—and most of his policies are unknown, so time will tell if his presidency will be like Hitler’s reign. But in spirit he certainly is America’s 2016 version of Hitler.

This election proved many things, but above them all I think three stand out:

·         Being white and male still makes a difference in America.

o    A man with no political experience just became one of our top politicians. He ran on a campaign with a strong nationalist agenda—especially on trade—but mostly on a fear campaign filled with prejudice language.

·         It is incredibly hard to be a woman.

o   Not just in politics. Today many women have said they know how it feels to be the most qualified and still not get a job due to their sex.

o   But also in politics: Secretary Clinton worked her entire adult life in politics. Was a Senator, First Lady, Secretary of State—and lost to a man who, again, has no political experience.

·         Sometimes Fear wins and Love loses.

o   Fear of Clinton won this election

o   Fear of our Neighbors—especially women, Muslims, black people, and Mexicans.

o   Fear of Progress—sustainable energy (moving away from fossil fuels), of universal healthcare, of improved tax systems, of alliances with Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

o   Love didn’t win this election. Fear did.

This election also proved that you can be racist, sexist and xenophobic, ableist and an all-around jerk who thrives in white privilege, and a huge minority of American voters—because Clinton won the popular vote—either doesn’t care, or approves of this man.

Almost half of our voting citizens didn’t care that Trump is a terrible human being, or they didn’t care. And almost half of them were too blinded by fear to see how much of a Hitler he is.

Political Party Loyalty has proved to be idiotic. So many voters voted for Trump though they didn’t like him, because it was more important to have a Republican than a Democrat. I know scores of people who say they don’t like Trump, but they were loyal to the Republican Party. This party loyalty just elected our Hitler.

For years, political pundits have pointed to Germany’s multiple party system as the reason Hitler came to power. They pointed to our two-party system as the reason why America would never let that happen, and why America is the greatest country in the world. Our two-party system failed to stop our version of Hitler from coming to power. And today, America, while still great in many areas (WWF, PP, NAACP, etc.), is more disappointing and foolish than great.

We’ve elected a man who doesn’t understand foreign diplomacy. Who is extremely sensitive to criticism. Who could give the order to nuke Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Mexico, etc., and the armed forces would have to follow the order.

WWII started because of a man like Trump. WWIII could be on the horizon because of America’s vote last night.

If Trump can become president while mocking disabled reporters, advocating for Stop and Frisk, and calling for the rounding up of Americans—what else would the American public be okay with? Most Republicans want to stop trans-women from going to the lady’s room because they don’t want perverted men looking at their wives and daughters. They just elected a man who’s admitted to doing that.

While the Republican party has been swinging towards the racist and sexist candidate thanks to the tea-party, let us all hope this is the pinnacle of their achievement. Let us hope it’s enough that Trump won to get people to combat these dangerous actions. Let us hope we don’t start rounding up trans people, or euthanizing the disabled, or starting a world war, in order for us to start voting out these people and these ideologies from our political spectrum.

What will we tell our children? Our daughters? That a bigoted man, so similar to the evil man and force of the century before—who we learned about, and learned to hate—became president, when a woman who had worked her entire life to earn this position—who was more qualified, and incredibly less bigoted—was the “other” on the ballot.

Her emails were suspect! She flip-flopped on some key issues! She was a liar—though proven to be more truthful than Trump. But she seemed to get up to some shady stuff!

Seemed. Because hardly anything was ever proved. Even after two FBI investigations she was not recommended for criminal charges—when it was proved Trump did get up to shady business.

When my future daughter asks me about this election—probably somewhere between when she’s eleven and sixteen, I bet she’ll say something like this: “But he was on trial for raping a 13-year-old. How could people still vote for him.”

I imagine my answer will be something along the lines of: “Because people were afraid to elect a woman more than they were a terrible man. History showed us you could be a man and do whatever you want, and people would let you get away with it if you were a star. He was a star, and he preyed on people’s fear; fear of others, and fear of their future.”

Of course, I might just say, “Because people were idiots.”

But I might not even be able to have a daughter. If Trump’s current economic plan is accepted it will hurt the economy. He hasn’t addressed the continual recession for recent grads. He hasn’t addressed student loans. I, and all of us, may be living in a future where millennials such as myself can’t find work—which we all have a problem with now—while crushed by student debt we were told we needed to accrue, in order to get a better paying job. How would I then support a child? A son? A daughter?

Our Hitler comes in the form of Hitler’s perfect man. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, racist, nationalist, and cunning. Trump is a great public speaker, and a man who knows how to manipulate others to get what he wants.

These next two years it will be up to either Trump himself—to change his character—or a Republican Controlled Congress to stop him from plunging the country into despair.

We the People have elected Hitler, our Hitler.

We the People have let our children, our women, our people of color down.

We the White People are to blame.

And We the People are the only ones who can fix this.